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Do you find yourself having substantial amount of free time?

Be it after work, or before work, or in between shifts, or even while working.

Don't waste it! Convert it into productive sessions that can generate income for you to achieve your financial goals quicker.

No experience needed! All you have to do is to promote Avocado Toast Finance and our events via any method, and we will provide assistance to make it easy for you.


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About Us

Avocado Toast Finance (ATF) is a community of ordinary Singaporeans who come together to grow and support one another in the area of finance. Just like bread and butter, we aspire to be the toast to your avocado as the key ingredient to planning for your personal finances in this age of avocado generation. 

With the rising trend of hedonistic lifestyles and spending on unnecessary ‘luxury’ items (avocado toast included), we struggle to find the balance as financial planning is not as simple as working hard and saving up like our parent’s generation used to do. 

Thus, it is important to know how to allocate your finances so that you have enough to fund the necessities in life while not compromising on our current lifestyle.